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Party Planner Guide

Freitag, 06. Dezember 2013
Stress Free Planning for your Party
By bestweddingphotobooth, 22:34

party ideas When you attend a party you often see the host completely busy with organizing the party. They barely have time to talk to the guests. You may get an award or two with the host while they run around making sure everything is going as per plan. This is not much fun for you as a guest, neither is it much fun for the host. This kind of a situation is usually the result of the host taking on more responsibility than he or she can handle. If a party is well-planned, you will see the host relaxing and mingling with the guests. The host will need to ensure that things like food are being served in the correct manner to the guests. But that will not be the sole focus of the host. The host at a good party will be focus on mingling with the guests.

Careful planning way ahead of the party can ensure a stress free party for the host. All that is required is a little bit of extra thought by the host. The host needs to divide various aspects of the party. Seating arrangements, for example need to be sought out as per the number of people who are attending. If the host does not have enough furniture at home, then he or she may need to rent some extra furniture. They may even borrow some spare furniture from the neighbors. Similarly the host may decide to cook a part of the meal themselves. They may decide to outsource some of the food to a caterer. This reduces the workload on the host, at the same time saving costs. Ensuring that the food is available at the right time is also important. The host needs to tell the caterer exactly what time and what quantity of food needs to be delivered.

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Photo Booth props for different age groups! Find the right prop and Bring out the right emotions!
By bestweddingphotobooth, 22:30

Photo booths are present in various malls, festivals and parks! Similarly, photo booths are being used in parties and gatherings. This is because photo booths and props tend to keep the kids and guests occupied!

Are you hunting for weird props? Do you want interesting ideas, which will make your photo booth a lot more enthralling? The handy machine will remain incomplete without the right collection of props. Crazy pictures will definitely require additional properties! Read on to get a brief overview of five astounding photo booth props.

Finding the right prop

You can have funny masks in the photo booths. These masks will definitely trigger the little ones to take several photographs. You can think of more than a million funny masks! If you are lost for mask ideas, ask your friends. For example, you can design masks with furrow eyebrows, sticky tongues, open lips and wrinkled noses! However, remember to match the masks with your event’s theme. If you are planning on a Halloween night photo booth, you can have scary faces. Nevertheless, wedding photo booths must have elegant and passive masks.

Props for little girls and boys!

Secondly, if the photo booth is for your child’s birthday party, you must use your kid’s favorite cartoon characters. You can have backdrops of your child’s much loved figures like Spiderman, Superman and Popeye. Similarly, if the booth is for your young girl, you can have “Snow White”, “Tinker-Bell” and “Little Princess” backdrops. Also, you can use themed balloons as photo booth props for your little ones!

Props for elders!

Finally, if the photo booth is to decorate your bachelorette party, you should make use of interesting and rare props. Try making use of fake pipes, wine glasses and musical instruments. These props will let your friends exhibit their unique skills and personalities. Always remember that the photo booths and props must bring out various emotions from your guests!

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Montag, 02. Dezember 2013
The search for a Chicago Photo Booth - How to find one
By bestweddingphotobooth, 14:19

Are you searching for a photo booth in the Chicago area? If so, you probably aren’t sure how to go about finding one. The first thing you should do is look online. Although you don’t plan to rent the photo booth online (the shipping price would be sky high), at least you can get information on the company reputation. Do this through Yelp or any review site. It can tell you a lot about what type of photo booths the company has to offer and if they work well or not. You obviously don’t want to pick up a damaged photo booth and this is why you should rely on reviews. A damaged booth means that people won’t be able to take pictures or the equipment may even fail. This defeats the purpose of everything so be sure to test the photo booth before you rent it. Most companies will let you do this so there shouldn’t be a problem.

After you have read the reviews when looking for a photo booth rental Chicago, it is time to contact the business owners. Pick up the phone and dial their number to get details on the location, types of booths they have, and so forth. You’ll want to set up an appointment to come or at least ask about their hours. Make sure you do this about 3 weeks to two months ahead of your event.

Just as we said before, it is a good idea to inspect the photo booth. Ask the representative that you are working with in person to show you all of the photo booths they have. If you are renting a photo booth for a formal event, you want the best one you can get. This also goes for those who run a business and want to add their photo booth to the annual fair event.

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